This is to announce that the Hungaromed-Group Kft, Hungary has succesfully completed its developing of a new healthcare communication system that involves all service units and beneficiars of the national (and possibly international) healthcare systems.
This new system aims to provide all those participants above with a proper professional remote consulting background covering all areas of healthcare on national and, later on, on international levels.
The system is meant to ensure equal healthcare opportunities to all users, to improve access to healthcare for those living in remote locations, in the country and also to help atenuate healthcare service quality discrepancies caused by lack of professionals in various healthcare divisions. Building up such a system will also help improve supply of medicine in various areas of the country/world.
The software basis of the system is now completed and its implementation on national level has already been on.
Another important aim of the system is to provide a new and efficient means to quick filtering and diagnostics of infectious diseases so that national and worldwide outbreaks be prevented or, if necessary, treated quickly and efficiently.


The Mona System Healthcare Informatics and Consulting System is meant to be a useful device to realize the reform of the healthcare system on national and international levels and provide patients anywhere in the world with an efficient and high quality healthcare service.
Last but not least, the system offers a good opportunity to reorganize central national medical emergency services in the whole world.

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The ’Heart Guard’ Application, part of our system

Our system includes an emergency/alarm subsystem which, based on smartphones, can be accessed by the whole population. This sub-system allows any patient, anywhere and anytime to have their complaint and location identified, instantaneously, at the very moment of an emergency call.
Users, following a registration sign in, will get into the database of the system and receive a user code number and a password. That will give them access to the mobile application and through it to our center. Having that, any patient will be provided with the necessary advisory and medical assistance service. This service will be based on all healthcare data of the patient registered into the database of the system (including previous and actual medical examination results).

Our future plans

The Mona System Healthcare Informatics and Consulting System offers a huge opportunity to extend healthcare filtration, preventive and emergency patient care and treatment.
Having such a consultancy center on every continent, specialists could provide people with a complex and efficient healthcare.

Diagnostics of infectious diseases

This, our recent and newest development - part of our system – is focused on rapid diagnostics of infectious diseases with the help of laboratory procedures. The reason of it is that diagnostics of infectious diseases in human and animal healthcare and also in food and catering indutries has always had high prioritiy.
Our system, with this development will allow patients suffering from infectious diseases to be identified and isolated in due time. This way risks of huge world size outbreaks can be considerably reduced.

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Our first step on this matter is the starting of the testing procedures on the quick diagnostics of infectious diseases on MTB and HIV in Hungary. On this purpose we have been using laboratory devices that are part of our system.
The clinical laboratory testing of those devices has already been started on viruses of MTB and HIV (both rather frequent in Europe) in prestigious Hungarian healthcare institutions in Budapest.